Tuesday, June 4, 2013

If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today by Dougal Dixon (TickTock Media)

We've been lucky enough to be sent a couple of really 'Dad-friendly' books just in time for our special #ReadItMD13 theme week running up to Father's Day.

Most dads love dinosaurs, and all kids definitely love the thought that once upon a time in earth's timeline, huge slavering beasts stomped the earth and ruled supreme.

Most kids will also wonder what it would be like to have a pet Tyrannosaur, or perhaps share the swimming pool with a couple of Plesiosaurs. Perhaps they've even mused what Heathrow Airport would be like if Pterosaurs whizzed around while planes were trying to take off.

Wonder no more, in this excellent book you'll find a brilliant mix of facts and photoshop as illustrations try to depict what might happen if we bring prehistoric life back from the dead to once again roam the earth.

Charlotte has a love hate relationship with dinosaurs. She loves anything booky to do with them, but when we go to museums or displays that show huge mock-ups of the beasts, she's still a little bit scared of them (the huge moving displays at the Natural History Museum in London were a bit TOO realistic for her!)

Bones are OK though!

This is a fab book for dads (and mums) to share with their kids. Bold illustrations, sensational ideas and a good dose of science too. Perfect AND prehistoric!

Charlotte's best bit: The rather gruesome face-offs between wild animals and dinosaurs. Ever seen a Lion take on Raptors? Now's your chance!

Daddy's favourite bit: This is a brilliant way to engage reluctant readers. A book that's full of factual science but a whole ton of exciting 'what ifs' too.

(Kindly sent to us for review by TickTock Media) 

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