Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Horrible Science - House of Horrors by Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles (Scholastic Children's Books)

With its squishy maggot-filled cover (ew) and eye-catching cover, here's a book that will have your little ones scampering for the soap. As part of the Horrible Science series, Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles have produced a meisterwork containing a miasma of microbes, a gigantic germ-filled tome that's definitely not something to enjoy anywhere near mealtimes.

We don't often get non-fiction books on the blog (which is a real shame!!) that are targeted at Charlotte's age group and in truth, House of Horrors is probably a little 'old' for her but with its mix of characters presenting each germ-riddled factoid, and the presentation laid out in a comic-like style, it's actually a very accessible book and great fun (if you have the stomach for it).

Find out just how many germs live in the average kitchen, and why leaving your undercrackers lying around on the floor really isn't the best thing to do.

You never know, a couple of hours with this book and it may turn your stinky little sweethearts into models of cleanliness and hygiene. Then again...perhaps not.

Charlotte's best bit: Finding out all about maggots and what flies do to your food if they land on it. Baulk!

Daddy's favourite bit: Fascinating, sickening and slickly presented. You'll never eat a dropped crisp off the floor ever again

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