Friday, 26 July 2013

Children love to learn languages and Chineasy makes learning Chinese fun!

Shaolan Hsueh - the genius behind Chineasy
Children have a natural aptitude for learning new languages and as their vocabulary in their own native language progresses, it's the easiest time to introduce them to other languages as they progress through early years development.

We've been contacted by the developers of a new project called Chineasy - with the aim of introducing children (and adults) to the complex and sometimes seemingly unapproachable world of learning Chinese.

Behind the programme is Shaolan Hsueh, a businesswoman and entrepreneur who has developed an extremely visual and approachable way of closing the gap between eastern and western culture and language gaps.

Chineasy has a Kickstarter campaign which you can join in with here. 

Chineasy's visual approach to learning a language is a natural fit for children. 
We've taken a look at some of the example words and images that are used in the learning programme and they're smart and intuitive.

It's a brilliant idea, which will at least help with the character recognition aspects of learning chinese characters and it'd be great to see it come with phonetic and spoken stuff eventually too (it already looks like a system that would lend itself very well to app-based learning).

Stop by the Chineasy Facebook Page  or visit the website for more information on this interesting project.