Friday 26 July 2013

Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown (Little Tiger Press)

We're having a bit of a dog-day here at ReadItDaddy today (it's almost like we planned it this way!) so following our review of Owen Davey's beautiful "Laika the Astronaut" here's another beautiful book featuring a cool canine.

Eddie is a little boy who lives high up in a tiny flat. Eddie's a lonely chap and longs for a friend to join in with his games.

Enter a rather determined little dog, who lights up Eddie's life - for a short while at least because when Eddie takes Dog home, Eddie's mum decides that their flat is too small for a dog and dogs need space to roam and to exercise.

Sadly, Eddie waves goodbye to dog. But guess who comes back the next day?

Alison Brown's debut for Little Tiger Press is brilliant, with superb artwork and a touching story of one dog's determination to find a loving home - and one little boy's quest to find the perfect friend.

Again and again Eddie and Dog are separated but Dog is doggedly (sorry) determined that he will win the day. Does he succeed in the end? You know what we're going to say - you'll have to read the book and find out of course.

Normally at ReadItDaddy Towers we are firmly in the 'Cat' camp but this week we've enjoyed canine company so much. You can too, just pick up Eddie and Dog and read a touching and lovely little tale about a boy and his loyal and loving pooch.

Charlotte's best bit: Dog's fabulous little scooter, vrrm vrrm!

Daddy's favourite bit: Dog's rather splendid impression of Snoopy as he flies back to Eddie in a tiny (and rather brilliant) little plane.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)