Saturday, 24 August 2013

"Alastair Crawley" by James Norbury free to download on Amazon till 27th August

Spookiness, slithery creatures and...spelling? It may sound like a strange combination but in James Norbury's book "Alastair Crawley and the Terrible Misspelling" you'll find all these ingredients and more.

Illustrated with hand-drawn pictures, and presented in bouncing rhyming text, "Alastair Crawley" is available in paperback, or as a free download from the Amazon Store so you can drop a copy onto your favourite e-reader until the 27th August 2013 absolutely free.

We've had a quick dip into the book and it's definitely our sort of thing. Spookiness and a great central character (why aren't there more books about worms?), it's definitely worth checking out.

Drop by the Alastair Crawley website for more info, and a link to grab your free copy till the 27th.