Friday, 23 August 2013

It's Not Yours, It's Mine! by Susanna Moores (Child's Play)

Ahhh sharing! If there's one concept you can guarantee your child will take years to understand fully, it's the concept of sharing. Listening to the lovely Loll Kirby over at Storyseekers talking recently about both her boys wanting to play with the same Octonauts Captain Barnacle figure, despite owning three other identical ones, reminded me that we still have a long way to go with Charlotte's concept of sharing too.

"Can Daddy have a bit of your biscuit?" will usually elicit the response "No" or at best, a microscopic piece will be broken off and grudgingly handed over.

So Susanna Moores' wonderful and colourful book "It's Not Yours, It's Mine" struck a solid chord with us as we meet a beautiful yellow bunny called Blieka who really really loves her red ball. When other animals want to play with it, Blieka tolerates this for a while but soon dashes off with her ball, not wanting anyone else to hog it.

Of course, the other animals also have toys - and when they all turn up unexpectedly with all their favourite toys in tow, can things be even more fun if everyone learns to share and share alike?

A rather lovely way of addressing the whole 'sharing' thing with children, without sounding too preachy, Blieka is a great little character who we really hope goes on to more adventures. Susanna's illustrative style is sharp and very colourful and great for a wide range of ages.

Charlotte's best bit: Blieka's bouncing!

Daddy's favourite bit: Really would love to see more books featuring Blieka, a wonderful bright yellow bunny.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Child's play)