Friday, 23 August 2013

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 23rd August 2013 - "I Hate Picture Books!" by Timothy Young (Schiffer Publishing Ltd)

You know, for our book of the week nominations we'd normally baulk at the prospect of picking a book with such a controversial title. After all, we LOVE picture books so how could we possibly love a picture book that features a character that absolutely hates them?

You'll see, my dears, you'll see!

In Timothy Young's hilarious and irreverent look at the very things we hold hallowed here on ReadItDaddy you'll meet young Max who has absolutely had it up to the back teeth with picture books. Full of duff advice from what to feed your slightly famished caterpillar, to the trouble you can get into with a certain type of coloured crayon, Max really wants rid of the pesky things and is busily boxing them up to put out with the trash when we first meet him.

Funny books for children should also be funny for the adults who read them to their younglings, and I found myself snorting with laughter at Max's plight and of course loving the various (well mannered and well meant) digs at some of the most beloved picture books on the planet. For Charlotte, as well as giggling at naughty Max, there was the bonus of spotting subtly drawn and identifiable covers to the very books she's had read to her over the years (including much excitement at spotting a certain book cover featuring a boy and a robot. Aw, you know the one we mean!)

So has Max really finished with picture books? Have you? If the answer to the latter question is 'yes' then you need this book in your life as it may well re-ignite all those memories you hold dear of picture books past and present. If the answer is a firm and shouty "no!" as ours is, you'll still absolutely love it for firmly poking its tongue out at you before inviting you over for a big snuggly picture-book cuddle!

Brilliant and very cheeky stuff! We LOVE it!

Charlotte's best bit: Spotting all the lovely little homages to our fave picture books woven into the tale

Daddy's favourite bit: As above, loved the cheeky references. (Also, I seriously think Tim should be working on a book called "I Hate Children's TV Programmes!" next :)

(Kindly supplied to us for review by Schiffer Publishing through NetGalley)