Tuesday 27 August 2013

Slightly Jones embarks on her fourth adventure in Joan Lennon's fab "The Case of The Hidden City" (Catnip Books)

"The Case of the Hidden City - A Slightly Jones Mystery" by Joan Lennon (Catnip Books). We're about to become Slightly obsessed!

Oh hello there lovely book, where have you been all my life. What's that? Have I met your three predecessors? Why, no I haven't!

So who is Slightly Jones? A flame haired girl detective who takes her cues from the greatest fictional detective of all time, Mr Sherlock Holmes. Who has a rather brilliant sidekick called Granny Tonic, and who solves mysteries back in Victorian Times (possibly our favourite era of history!)

As usual we're late to the party and have only discovered Slightly Jones at Book Four (the last in the series, oh nooo) but we'll definitely be tracking down the previous three now.

For ages 8-11, the Slightly Jones mystery books are wonderful, packed with historical detail without feeling too dry and laborious. In fact they're about as rip-roaring as it gets.

The books are backed up by a rather fabulous website so check out more information over at http://www.slightlyjones.co.uk or on Joan Lennon's blog (and find out more about her other books too!)

Slightly Jones - The Case of the Hidden City was released in July 2013.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Catnip so watch out for more on this book on the blog very soon!)