Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Walker Picture Book Party - "We're going on a Cat hunt to celebrate Captain Cat by Inga Moore!"

Hooray! Hoorah! It's Walker Picture Book Party Blog Tour Day (phew!) for us at ReadItDaddy.

Quite soon you'll see our review of the fabulous "Captain Cat" by Inga Moore popping up on the blog but before that, we thought we'd try something a bit different to the usual bloggy book party thing. This morning we went on a cat hunt around ReadItDaddy Towers...!

So where to start? With a little help from Daddy, Charlotte began in the lounge...

Cat Number 1 - "Daffodil"
We found this little Daffodil-wearing fella nestling amongst the bits and bobs on the fireplace.

And next to him, another sleek silvery moggy...

Cat Number 2 - "Eau, Helleau!"
So far so good. Any more hiding in the lounge?

Cat Number 3 - "Gloop!"

Nope so on to Daddy's 'office' where a couple of rather cute moggies turned up.

Cat Number 4 - "Snoozy"
("Snoozy is SO cute!")

Cat Number 5 took some finding but there he was, hiding under the computer monitor on high alert.

Cat Number 5 - "I can see what you're typing!"

Cat Number 6 - "Stair Stare Cat"

With the office cats all rounded up we headed upstairs to the cupboard but met this beautiful moggy on the way...

...and then a rather well known cat hiding in the junk cupboard, poor thing!

Cat Number 7 - "Saggy, Baggy, a bit frated at the seams!"

With no more cats on the top floor we sneaked a peek into Charlotte's bathroom and again found a couple of well known moggies hidden away.

Cat Number 8 - "Oh hello Kitty!"
Cat Number 9 - "Nine Lives!"

We struck gold in Charlotte's room, a whole BED covered in cats! Me-OW!

Cat Number 10 - "Purrfect to snuggle up with"
And then hiding on the bookshelves, Cat Number 11...!

Cat Number 11 (well technically 11, 12 and 13!) - "Photogenic"

Cat Number 14 swiftly followed, in fact, the star of the show!

Cat Number 14 - "The Captain!"

But where oh where would we find any more? Hang on a minute, who's getting comfortable on top of the bookcase?
Cat 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 - "A herd!"

No more cats could be found upstairs so we headed down to the kitchen - and found Number 22. 

Cat Number 22 - "Ooh La la!"
Oh and then number 23!

Cat Number 23 - "Roman Moggy"
But alas, despite searching hard - and the nagging feeling we might've missed a few (A couple of cat mugs might've been nestling at the back of the cupboards). 

One last set cropped up unexpectedly on the message board though. Not cats but definitely feline in nature...

Cat Number 24 - "Wordy!"

Phew! And that was the end of our cat hunt!

"Captain Cat" by Inga Moore is published on October 8th, 2013 by Walker Books. 

Available from any cat-loving bookstores near you VERY soon. 

Stand by for our review which will be purring along any minute!