Monday, September 16, 2013

Alone in the Forest by Gita Wolf, Andrea Anastasio and Bhajiu Shyam (Tara Books)

Alone in the Forest

Written by Gita Wolf and Andrea Anastasio

Illustrated by Bhajiu Shyam

Published by Tara Books

Tara Books are renowned for producing some of the most beautiful and unique children's books in publishing today. Books woven from the rich tapestry of folk tales and traditional stories from around the world, sublimely presented and beautifully bound.

Charlotte's reaction to "Alone in the Forest" was electrifying. She loved the artwork, and as the book progresses, the dark and mysterious atmosphere the story invokes - and the feelings of excitement between each turn of the page.

"Alone in the Forest" tells the tale of a young boy, Musa, who decides to help his mother gather firewood. Brave and strong, but still a child, Musa steps into the dark forest and soon is enveloped by the all-encompassing canopy of trees and branches as paths fade to tracks, and darkness surrounds him.

Beware of the Wild Boars! Eeek! (look how gorgeous this book is!)

Musa hears a huge crashing noise that seems to be coming closer and closer, so seeks refuge in the hollow of a tree. Will Musa make it back to his home village safely? What is outside and causing such a rumpus?

We liked the way "Alone in the Forest" lets your imagination work overtime. The artwork draws you in - and we wondered how great this would be read by torchlight (though it's probably not wise to make it too dark and scary when you're trying to settle your youngsters at bedtime). Musa is brave and bold and confronts his fears, children admire the fact that he wants to help and is prepared to do something very scary so that his family can enjoy the comfort of a warm fire.

Charlotte's best bit: Musa feeling tickly and itchy as he hides out in the dark tree hollow.

Daddy's Favourite bit: A book that makes an instant impact, feels so fresh and the artwork is truly stunning to behold.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Tara Books / Bounce Marketing)

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