Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ever After High - The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale (Little, Brown)

Ever After High

The Storybook of Legends

Written by Shannon Hale

Published by Little, Brown

Imagine a high school populated by the offspring of well loved fairy tales. That's Ever After High - the subject of a planned series of books, merchandise and movies.
We've been fortunate enough to get an early look at "Ever After High - The Storybook of Legends" by Shannon Hale, New York Times best selling author and award-winning creator of "Princess Academy".

"Ever After High" introduces us to characters like Apple White, who is the daughter of a certain fair maiden with skin as pure as snow. There's also Raven, daughter of the wicked queen who really should be following in mum's evil footsteps but so doesn't want to be evil. Woven around the tale of the Storybook of Legends, the entire fabric of their universe hinges on everyone signing the book - and ensuring a happy ever after for all concerned. But what if one character chooses not to sign?

Though Charlotte is familiar with the morass of fairy tales (both traditional and "Disney-fied" versions) and the characters, she enjoyed the sections we read together (and swiftly adopted Apple White as her favourite character - no real surprise as Snow White is still her favourite princess after all). It's probably a book that's more suited to older children, and it's a huge hefty tome so if you're a parent wanting to read this to your children chapter by chapter, be prepared!

It's quite tricky to find the right balance of injecting a dose of originality into well-loved (and well-trodden) fairy tales but the world created here in "Ever After High" offers a tantalising and tempting glimpse into a rich new fairy tale universe that should delight and enthrall.

Here's a clip of "Ever After High" to whet your appetite for the book!

(Book kindly sent to us for review by Little, Brown)