Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Get your paws on some brilliant and crazy cute sticker books with Macmillan's new "Star Paws" range

"Star Paws"
Shopping / Christmas / Knights / Amazing Jobs

Published by Macmillan Books

They're crazy, they're cute, they absorb youngsters for hour after hour - what's not to love about the "Star Paws" sticker book range from Macmillan Books? We've previously taken a look at "Superheroes" and "Party Time" books in the range on our blog, now the range has been extended with four new books for your little ones.

  • Star Paws "Shopping"
  • Star Paws "Christmas"
  • Star Paws "Knights"
  • Star Paws "Amazing Jobs"

As before, they're rib-ticklingly funny books (we always have a good giggle at the character names and some of the page 'category' names too - though we're not too sure about the shopping book's "Does my bum look big in this?" page! Eeks!)

The sticker books are excellent quality and very reasonably priced, perfect for little animal lovers who are bound to find a dozen or so favourite characters in every single title in the range. It goes without saying that as soon as Charlotte sees bunnies or guinea pigs, she lets out a huge loud satisfied "awwww!"

Star Paws "Amazing Jobs"

Star Paws "Christmas"

Star Paws "Knights"

Star Paws "Shopping"

One of the things we particularly liked about the range is - bar a few 'specialised' stickers, it really doesn't matter where children stick each sticker on each page, so they can go completely crazy with their creativity. Page titles and sticker sheets are clearly labelled, so there's the bonus of allowing early readers to figure out what goes where themselves. A sticker book that needs minimum parental supervision? Definitely a win!

You can obtain the Star Paws range from all good indie booksellers, or directly from the Pan Macmillan UK website. 

Charlotte's best bit: Percil the very cute little guy in 'Shopping' and all the cute outfits in the "Amazing Jobs" book

Daddy's Favourite bit: No fuss stickers, no over-complicated shapes, well cut sheets, and minimum of parental supervision required - followed by hour after hour of involvement and engagement while kids sticker themselves into a frenzy. Perfect!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Pan Macmillan)