Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Felicity Fly in the Garden by Christina Gabbitas and Julie Omond (Poems and Pictures Publishing)

Felicity Fly in the Garden

Written by Christina Gabbitas

Illustrated by Julie Omond

Published by Poems and Pictures Publishing

We're very pleased to remake our acquaintance with one of the busiest and buzziest children's characters, the fabulous Felicity Fly.

It's a lovely summer's day and Felicity wants to get away from the droning noise of the washing machine, so heads out into the garden to make some new friends. The flowers are blooming as the sun is shining, and Felicity soon meets Bernice Bumblebee who has a very important job.

She tells Felicity Fly all about pollination. Bees are needed to help plants and flowers grow and thrive, and we learn that many other insects also help with pollination.

Felicity also meets Lizibet Ladybird and Charlotte's new favourite character in the Felicity books, the awesome and colourful Dakota Dragonfly. She's so cool and groovy, and has the best dreadlocks in insectdom!

Along with Baahir Butterfly, Felicity enjoys a lovely summer's afternoon with her new found friends and learns something new along the way too.

Christina's lilting sing-song text is lovely to read aloud, and we love Julie's wonderful and imaginative characters.

We listened to Christina's spirited reading of Felicity Fly in the Garden with the bonus CD that came with the book - and realised that Daddy really needs to brush up on his voices! Lots of catching up to do!

The charm of insect characters is undeniable. Children love Felicity's antics as she sizzles around and they will most definitely love the new characters they're introduced to in this book too.

We can't wait to hear where Felicity goes next! Don't make us wait too long for the next book, Christina and Julie!

(By the way, you can vote for Felicity Fly in the Garden in the People's Book Prize. Follow this link!)

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte loves Dakota Dragonfly, so beautiful and colourful and a ultra-cool hairstyle too! Daddy's Favourite bit: Lilting and lyrical to read (or listen to!) Lovely!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Christina at Poems and Pictures)

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