Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two former "Book of the Week" winners are out now in Paperback from Orchard Books!

"Ding Dong Gorilla" by Michelle Robinson and Leonie Lord (Orchard Books). Who ate all the pizza!
Two of our previous "Book of the Week" winners have just arrived in paperback format for the first time, courtesy of Orchard Books.

First up is "Ding Dong Gorilla" by Michelle Robinson and Leonie Lord. The sad tale of a young boy, a cross-dressing Gorilla with a penchant for chaos, and a pizza, it's a hilarious book that's sure to have your young ones giggling.

You can read our original book of the week winning review right here!

From one big hairy beast to another, in a neat little segue...

"Beauty and the Beast" by Ursula Jones and Sarah Gibb (Orchard Books). Just beautiful!
Ursula Jones and Sarah Gibb have delivered probably one of the most beautiful retellings of the classic fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" - A book that found its way into Charlotte's christmas stocking last year and has been loved to bits ever since. Deservedly, it became our first book of the week for 2013. Wonderfully told, the illustrations are just brilliant so if you've been putting off picking up this gorgeous book, there's no excuse now!

You can find our original review of Beauty and the Beast right here!

(Review copies kindly sent to us by Orchard Books)

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