Tuesday 17 September 2013

Frankie's Magic Football (Volume 3) - Frankie and the Cowboy's Crew by Frank Lampard & Mike Jackson (L & B Kids)

Frankie's Magic Football - Frankie and the Cowboy's Crew
Written by Frank Lampard

Illustrated by Mike Jackson

Published by L & B Kids

We're back once again with that footballing boy superstar Frankie and his magic football. You may remember we reviewed the first title in the "Frankie's Magic Football" series. Charlotte actually enjoyed the book more than I thought she would (she knows as much about football as I do, ie zero, yet it didn't hamper her enjoyment too much).

This time Frankie and his plucky team are drawn by the magical referee against a crew of dastardly cowboys who, like Frankie's previous foes, will stop at nothing to win the game.

Can good sportsmanship win out over dirty rotten rootin' tootin' tricks? We won't spoil the story too much for you but there's a perilous penalty shoot out that will challenge Frankie, Charlie and Louise to their footballing limits.

It's rare to find a chapter book that can be polished off in the space of an evening with a bit of tempered and diligent reading. As we previously said in our review of "Frankie #1" the books are easily read and digestible, absolutely perfect for reluctant readers who love 'the beautiful game'.

"Frankie's Magic Football - Frankie vs the Cowboy's Crew" is released on 10th October 2013.

Charlotte's best bit: Ooch! Tearing your nice home kit on a character with spines? Not pleasant!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Easy to read, but the cookie-cutter plots could get tiresome after 3 books, things need a bit of mixing up methinks

(Kindly sent to us for review by L & B Kids UK)