Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday - Spotlight on Bosley the Bear, a fun and interesting way to learn languages with Bosley!

Learning languages is a huge amount of fun when Bosley's around. 
For Indie-Pen-Dance Wednesday this week, we thought we'd delve into one of our favourite subjects. Languages!

Bosley the Bear is the central character in a series of brilliant dual language stories from Tim Johnson. Coupling engaging stories and illustations with simple dual-language labels, Tim's aim with Bosley the Bear is to provide those first jumping-off points for children who are interested in learning a different language, or who simply want to embrace a whole new culture.

What can Bosley and his mum find at the beach? Words, lovely words in English and Spanish
We took a look at the Spanish language version of Bosley's story "Bosley Goes to the Beach". We had a lot of fun flicking through the book as an e-book - but you can obtain the book as a print copy from Amazon:

There's also a packed website full of more information on the book range:

One of the reasons we're always interested in covering indie and self-published books is that the sheer quality of titles is getting better and better all the time. It'll be great to put what we've learned into practice next time we find ourselves in the sunny Canaries (a favourite holiday destination). Fantastic stuff!

Charlotte's Best Bit: Finding out the names (in English and Spanish) of ocean life.

Daddy's favourite Bit: Bright and bold illustrations, a fantastic stepping stone for children to the world that languages can open up for them.

Author Bio:

Tim Johnson, creator of "The Language Bear" series starring Bosley!
Tim Johnson discovered the power of bilingual books while visiting Japan as a teenager. In 2011 he started writing the Adventures of Bosley Bear series with the hope of reading these books to his own future children and exposing them to new words and sounds. Now Bosley Bear is recognized around the world and Tim is committed to continuing the series and educating children about foreign language and culture for years to come. Tim works as a mechanical engineer, and author, and lives on the seacoast of Maine with his wonderful wife and two incredible twin boys.

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