Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday Part 2 - Spotlight on "Max's Little Brother" a children's book kickstarter by Eric James and Minkee. (Updated - Kickstarter now live!)

Fabulous adventures await with Max (and his little brother)
Not one but two lovely books grace our Indie Pen-Dance slot this week. A while ago, Eric James got in touch with us to let us know all about his kickstarter for a children's book called "Max's Little Brother".

We're always interested in indie-published books and Kickstarter has proved to be a useful conduit for would-be authors and illustrators to get a book project off the ground. 

In the case of "Max's Little Brother", we were won over by this touching little tale of a little boy, Max, and what happens when his little brother (who is indeed very little - and as tricky to deal with as little brothers often are!) comes along one day after mum's tummy blows up like a balloon!

Max changes from an ordinary and quite pleasant little boy into - well we won't mince words - a bit of a meanie. 

You see, it's great being the centre of attention - but when a little baby brother comes along and everyone starts saying how cute he is, and gives him all the attention instead, things change!

The two just don't get on. Eventually, it's the little brother who makes a stand. He declares that Max's mean behaviour is annoying and enough is enough. Clutching teddy and bottle, he decides to leave home - or rather more accurately, decides to go and stay with a monster friend who lives under his bed!

We won't ruin too much of the story for you, but Max realises that sometimes having a little brother around isn't quite so bad after all. Charlotte loves the bit where Max is taught a lesson - we won't spoil how or why or wherefore for you, but it's a neat and nifty twist and deliciously delivered!

Eric and family. (Monster not pictured!)
We're wishing Eric all the very best with his kickstarter. It's a really great story and as we've mentioned before in our indie coverage, a tale that shows the sort of quality that self and indie-published titles are reaching. We hope this isn't the last we hear of Max, or his little brother or...whoah, spoilers, visit the website and find out more about this fab book!

Update: The kickstarter is now live! Join in!

Charlotte's best bit: The neat twist that serves Max a valuable lesson!

Daddy's favourite bit: People wonder why we cover self published and indie published titles. Books of this quality are why!

(Kindly sent to us in electronic format for review by Eric James)

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