Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke (Boxtree)

Reasons My Kid Is Crying

Written by Greg Pembroke

Photos by Greg / Various

Published by Boxtree

Children, ah children. When they're tiny babies they can communicate in many ways. That slightly red-faced look to announce that it's time for you and mummy to toss a coin to figure out who's going to deal with a messy nappy explosion. That contented gurgle they emit just before releasing a mouthful of milk sick down the back of your work shirt. Oh and crying. Yes crying, lots of crying.

The crying doesn't stop as they get older - in fact one rather enterprising fellow has produced one of the world's most essential tumblr sets of his son - who cries for any number of irrational (and sometimes quite rational) reasons. After all, is not a broken biscuit something to get upset about?

"Reasons My Son Is Crying" has been an internet sensation and now it's here in book form, renamed "Reasons My Kid Is Crying", just in time to become an essential stocking filler.

Greg has shared some of his favourite and funniest 'crying' moments featuring his son - and we also get a sneaky peek at other people's children who - like Greg's little boy - burst into tears at the most inane things. Not allowed to play with an axe? Not allowed to crawl into a 400 degree oven? Crying because your dad won't let you ride in his Jeep while you' sitting in his Jeep waiting to go for a ride?

The funniest part of reviewing this was that Charlotte couldn't actually see herself in the book at all, but we'll let you into a secret - Her "crying" moment usually involves her bawling her eyes out telling you that she doesn't need a wee, while she's actually sitting on the loo doing one. BWAH?

Charlotte's best bit: The child whose auntie wouldn't let him play with an axe. SILLY AUNTIE!

Daddy's Favourite bit: I just can't get enough of some of the more esoteric and 'out there' ones, that demonstrate the completely chaotic patterns that children's thought processes move in. Fabulous stuff!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Boxtree)

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Carly @Fiction Fascination said...

LOL - this sounds like a whole lot of fun! My kids cry all day long (well it feels like it)! It's like a constant back round noise. My 11 month old is now crying when he is board or the doorbell goes! I'll not even start to tell you about my 5 year old.... #dramaqueen