Friday, October 18, 2013

Jolly Snow by Jane Hissey (Scribblers Books)

Jolly Snow

Written and Illustrated by

Jane Hissey

Published by Scribblers Books

There's a rather lovely atmosphere in Jane Hissey's "Jolly Snow". The same atmosphere of anticipation you get when the first cold snap arrives, and the clocks go back - and you know that the first snows are on their way in the seasonal mail. We love snow, and Charlotte's lucky enough to have seen the proper stuff - sledged in it - and seen how the usual humdrum grey urban world is wonderfully transformed by a cold white blanket of perfection.

Jane carries that message across in "Jolly Snow" as we discover the nursery chums Jolly Tall, Old Bear, Little Bear, Rabbit and Duck trying to describe what snow is like. Will a floury kitchen suffice? Or bubbles from a bubble bath?

There's really no substitute for the real thing though, and Jolly can't wait to play out in the garden when finally the snow arrives.

It's wonderful to be able to catch up with Jane Hissey's back catalogue now that Scribblers are reprinting these in paperback. This special collector's edition is lovely, reprinted to a high standard to show off Jane's wonderful artwork.

We're beginning to really enjoy our time with this fab quintet and look forward to re-reading this classic as it's destined to become a bedtime (and certainly a snowy) favourite

Jolly Tall and Old Bear have fun making lanterns and stars!

Charlotte's best bit: Little Bear playing in the paper snow (I hope he didn't make Old Bear tidy up after him!) Daddy's Favourite bit: A wonderful atmospheric story absolutely perfect for the time of year and definitely something that should be high on people's "christmas stocking book" list

(Kindly sent to us for review by Scribblers Books)

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