Friday, October 18, 2013

When Mummy and Daddy steal my colouring pencils - By Charlotte, aged 5 (Spotlight on Pictura and Anorak Colouring Sheets, and Usborne Colouring Books)

Anorak's fabulous "Happy Colouring Poster" - Just try keeping mummy and daddy away!
Hello, it's me, Charlotte! Do your grown ups often steal your colouring pencils and colour your things in when you're not looking, or are asleep, or are playing with Lego or Playmobil instead? Mine do. Mummy likes colouring animals and scenery while Daddy always scribbles away colouring anything with robots or cars in it. Boys eh?

Recently the lovely folk at Anorak Magazine kindly sent me their fabulous (and huge) Happy Colouring Poster to get to work on. As you can see, it's very busy and full of ace things to colour. Here I am getting cracking on it...!

Teddy Bear pencil toppers are a MUST for intense colouring sessions!
The thing is, I kept coming down in the morning to carry on with it - and finding that things I hadn't coloured had mysteriously coloured themselves in! Mummy and Daddy denied all knowledge but I have my suspicions.

The lovely folk at Pictura (Templar) also sent us a fabulous Shaun Tan scene to colour too...!

Picturaline's Shaun Tan range is just too tempting for daddies!
Daddy emitted a loud "Whoop!" when this arrived, and though he promised to let me share colouring it, he's only let me colour in a little bit. He spends far too much time cuddling it and cooing over it (again, boys!). Pictura have lots of brilliant 'grown up' colouring scenes to choose from but I don't see why daddy has to hog it all to himself (perhaps I'll wait till he's 'resting his eyes' and snoring loudly on a sunday afternoon and help him finish it by sneaking off with it!)

Usborne also have one of my favourite colouring books - which we bought to take on holiday with us.

The Usborne Big Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring. It is big and they are very clever, those Usborne folk!

There are so many different things to colour in here - mysteriously the page with monsters on it got coloured in while I was asleep. I'm sure you can guess who the culprit was.

So what can us kids do to stop mummy and daddy pinching our colouring pencils and colouring books? Well, christmas is coming and there's always mothers day or fathers day when mummy always moans about getting chocs that make her bum go big, or daddy always moans that he gets Simpsons socks when he doesn't like The Simpsons, so here are a couple of ideas! It might just work and might just stop their extremely rude behaviour!

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