Monday, October 21, 2013

#ReadItMD13 Theme Week - "The Seasons - Books that celebrate Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn" - Winter!

"The Snow Bear" by Holly Webb (Stripes) . Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
This week on "ReadItDaddy" for our continuing Read It Mummies and Daddies (#ReadItMD13) theme weeks, we're celebrating the four seasons in style with a week of seasonal posts - and we're kicking off with Winter. Well, why not, it certainly feels very wintry today!

Our header image shows the cover of Holly Webb's sublime chapter book "The Snow Bear" which is absolutely perfect for winter snuggles and bedtime stories as you pull out the big fat duvet, put the skinny one away and start filling those hot water bottles.

It's a beautiful story of snow, polar bears and grandparents - suffused with magic and mystery. Illustrations make it a great read for younger children who are just beginning to explore early chapter books. Above all though, like all Holly's books, it's the atmosphere that really makes it special.

Some folk don't like snow or cold weather. Take Winnie the Witch for instance!

"Winnie in Winter" by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul (OUP). Magic, mayhem and mischief!
Winnie the Witch books are always popular, and in "Winnie in Winter" by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul we find Winnie wishing that the sun would shine - and Wilbur getting rather fed up of having to trudge through deep snow. Winnie comes up with an idea though. Using a touch of magic, a deft wave of her wand and some magic words Winnie banishes the snow and the cold, and can sit in her garden sipping a tasty cocktail as the sun comes along.

Of course, like most of Winnie's madcap schemes, things don't quite go according to plan. After all, if there's sunshine to be enjoyed - what's to stop the whole neighbourhood joining in and tramping your garden flat as they enjoy the unseasonal weather? Hilarious and brilliantly illustrated, it's a real must!

Bears and winter seem to go hand in hand - how about bears and racoons and letters?

"Herman's Letter" by Tom Percival. Full of wintry goodness!
We recently reviewed "Herman's Letter" by Tom Percival and it's a smashing little book set in the winter as Henry the racoon and Herman the bear, the best of friends, cope with the winter in different ways. Henry goes off to live in a new house, leaving Herman behind. Henry writes to bear every day, telling him how fabulous his new home is - and how they'll always be best friends but Herman isn't sure - and when the postal service starts to close down for the winter, Herman realises that his last chance to tell Henry just how great a friend he is would be to deliver a very special letter himself.

We loved the wintry landscapes Herman struggles through, as he fights to stay awake during hibernation time to deliver his message of friendship to his best pal. A lovely book exploring friendship in a unique way.

Finally, a touch of frost...Jack Frost!

"Jack Frost" by Kazuno Kohara. Nipping at your nose!

Kazuno Kohara's "Jack Frost" is probably THE perfect winter book as we meet a young boy, desperate for a playmate, who befriends Jack himself - on the understanding that he never mentions any of the other seasons. If he does, Jack will disappear! They play together in the snow and have lots of fun but a slip of the tongue sees Jack making good on his promise, and soon he's gone as the new buds arrive and the first dewdrops of spring melt as the forests and woodlands turn green. Will Jack be back next year? Visually striking and a real wintry treat, it's a fab story. Just don't get frostbitten!

We'll be looking at lovely books celebrating spring next so keep an eye out for our next themed post!


Catherine said...

We love Winnie in Winter :)

Can we also add?

One Snowy Night (Percy the Park Keeper) by Nick Butterworth
Pip and Posy: The Snowy Day
Bear Snores on by Karma Wilson
Jolly Snow by Jane Hissey

ReadItDaddy said...

Love "Jolly Snow" - Really need to read a Pip and Posy Book as we haven't yet!