Monday, October 21, 2013

Wild Child by Jeanne Willis and Lorna Freytag (Walker Books)

Wild Child

Written by Jeanne Willis

Illustrated by Lorna Freytag

Published by Walker Books

We've been fans of Jeanne Willis' peerless rhyming for a long time, she has a knack for making the most read-aloud-friendly lyrical stories that just flow off the tongue. We're also huge fans of Lorna Freytag's work, she seamlessly blends photography into fantastical scenes to produce the most scintillating illustrations for children's story books. So put this mighty duo together and what do you get?

In "Wild Child" you get a brilliant heroine, a child who lives by her own rules, is free to wander wherever she wants - sleep under the stars, swim with the fish and cuddle up with animal brothers and sisters as the cold nights draw in.

Wild Child warns us of "The captured ones" - Children who were once wild but have been indoctrinated into our ways, losing their wild streaks and becoming slaves to conformity.

Each scene is beautiful to behold so if the cover hasn't won you over the minute you see it, the things that Wild Child gets up to in the space of this book most certainly will.

Charlotte wanted to be her, dressed in rabbit skin (ok, faux rabbit skin!) and with the most gorgeous husky as a playmate.

A fabulous flowing and glowing book that leaps to life in your hands. There's a little bit of wild child in all of us, even haggard old grown ups like me!

Charlotte's best bit: Cuddling up with Wild Child's lovely husky

Daddy's Favourite bit: Wonderful to read, and with some exquisitely composited illustrations. Absolutely fabulous!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Lorna Freytag / Walker Books)

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wildlittleones said...

wow... a book with a Wild Child title.... could be a must for my Wild little ones :-)