Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ready Steady Ghost by Elizabeth Baguley and Marion Lindsay (Oxford University Press)

Ready Steady Ghost!

Written by Elizabeth Baguley

Illustrated by Marion Lindsay

Published by Oxford University Press

It's Halloween, hooray! So we're taking a look at a few spooky books today. How about a ghostly tale from Elizabeth Baguley and Marion Lindsay? It's all about a tiny little ghost called Bertie who just wants somewhere to call home - oh, and haunt (because that's what ghosts do best, after all!)

Unfortunately Bertie's diminutive stature means that it's not easy for him to rattle around in a huge castle, or roam the nether wooing and squealing to put the shivers up the neighbourhood - when there are already far more scarier things out there like wolves and giant snakes, eek! Will tiny Bertie ever find the perfect haunt?

You never know. Sometimes, even in a huge old castle, the answer might be tucked away somewhere!

Bertie's a lovely character, and this book is a nice little bedtime read that helps children overcome and understand their fears, and shows that it doesn't matter how tiny you are, there's always a place that can become yours.

Charlotte's best bit: Bertie finally settles in the one place a tiny little ghost can feel properly at home. So sweet!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Beautifully illustrated and a tender story, spooky but sweet!