Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yeti and the Bird by Nadia Shireen (Jonathan Cape PB Ltd)

Yeti and the Bird

Written and Illustrated by

Nadia Shireen

Published by Jonathan Cape

Yetis are definitely a "thing" this year. We've seen quite a few books where the Abominable Snowman turns out to be anything BUT abominable and in Nadia Shireen's new book, we may be mistaken in thinking that Yeti is a fairly grumpy and scary chap. Stalking the frozen wastes, people tend to leave him well alone. Until one day someone (quite literally) drops in on him and changes his world forever.

Bird is not scared of Yeti, in fact Bird isn't really scared of anything - and though Yeti is initially not keen on Bird's chirping and attention, the two become friends - and soon Yeti realises that he can't live without Bird.

The winter digs its icy claws in, which makes life very difficult for a tiny bird who needs to fly away to a warmer climate before it's too late. Yeti must reluctantly bid his new best friend a fond farewell. But will bird ever return?

This is a touching story of an unlikely friendship that has such a beautiful end (which, naturally, we won't spoil) that it gladdens the heart to think that even the grumpiest of the grumps would read this and feel a little tingle of hope that somewhere out there, there truly is a friend for everyone.

Charlotte's best bit: Loved the conversations between Yeti and Bird (which Charlotte and I had great fun recreating)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Another corker from the immensely talented Nadia Shireen!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Jonathan Cape PB Ltd)

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