Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Not So Scary Snorklum by Paul Bright and Jane Chapman (Little Tiger Press)

The Not So Scary Snorklum

Written by Paul Bright

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Published by Little Tiger Press

We continue our Halloween spookiness with a monster, a Snorklum to be precise. But are Snorklums as scary as other monsters?

We meet the Snorklum - a sort of Alf-looky-likey who stalks the dark forest, on the hunt for animals to scoff. Starting off small with a nice furry (and very tasty) mole which he tucks into his pocket for later, the Snorklum proclaims his scariness to all and sundry. But seriously, can anyone really be scared of this hairy and hungry beast?

Paul Bright and Jane Chapman have subtly woven together a spooky monstery tale that feels like a neat modern parable about bullying. For all the Snorklum's loud roaring claims that he's scary, that he's to be feared - the animals soon realise that if they stick together, and face the Snorklum down as dawn approaches, he's not nearly as scary as he seems. In fact, he's a wee bit...meek and mild perhaps?

A deliciously furry art style, entertaining repetition and text, and some brilliant undertones of an anti-bullying message, "The Not So Scary Snorklum" is a monstrously good read!

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte thought the Snorklum was actually wonderful and cuddly. Though not sure she'd like to test that theory out

Daddy's Favourite bit: A subtle anti-bullying message wrapped up in a story with a ton of feelgood factor at the end. Marvellous!