Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday - Spotlight on the Whimsy Wood Posie Pixie series of books by Sarah Hill and Sarah Mauchline (Abela Publishing)

The Whimsy Wood / Posie Pixie Books

Written by Sarah Hill

Illustrated by Sarah Mauchline

Published by Abela Publishing

Elves and fairies, pixies and brownies are characters that children can't get enough of and in the Whimsy Wood series, Sarah and Sarah (Author Sarah Hill and Illustrator Sarah Mauchline) have conjured up a magical world full of wonder and adventure.

Posie Pixie is - yes you've guessed it - a Pixie and being pint-sized in a giant world can mean adventure is around every corner. In "Posie Pixie and the Copper Kettle" Posie is searching for a nice warm place to call home as the cold weather approaches.

Meeting many characters on her quest for the ultimate pixie-pad, Posie is a friend to magical characters and animals alike.

We took a look at two books in the series (Posie Pixie and the Copper Kettle and Posie Pixie and the Lost Matchbox). Charlotte really enjoyed tucking herself away with the books to read them on her own. There are two versions of the story in each book, that give children of different reading abilities the chance to dip into the one that suits their ability best.

Fabulously and imaginatively illustrated, and a huge thumbs up from us for donating 10% of the book's profits to The Wildlife Trust, these are adventures that will definitely appeal to children with a love of the great outdoors.

Charlotte's best bit: Posie's rather lovely home at the end of the first book

Daddy's Favourite bit: Smashing little books that are perfect for early readers to dip into.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Abela Publishing)

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