Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#ReadItMD13 Theme Week - "Children's Books that tackle bullying" - A fabulous list from Letterbox Library

Talking to the wonderful folk at Letterbox Library, it seems it's not just me that struggled to find children's books that tackle the subject of bullying in a satisfactory way. In fact, Letterbox Library have resorted to importing books from the US, and they've come up with a really brilliant list of potential purchases for parents and teachers.

You can find the full Letterbox Library Bullying list here:

Letterbox Library have very kindly offered to give free membership (with membership discount prices) to anyone ordering books from the catalogue page during Anti-Bullying week
using the promotional code 'ReadItDaddy' with order queries.

Letterbox Library highly recommend:

"Just Kidding" by Trudy Ludwig and Adam Gustavson (Tricycle Press)
"Just Kidding" by Trudy Ludwig and Adam Gustavson (Tricycle Press)

"Each Kindness" by Jaqueline Woodson and E.B. Lewis (Penguin Putnam Inc)