Friday, November 1, 2013

When it comes to memory, it's Crucial you pick the right RAM!

Crucial RAM. A nitrous boost for your aging PC or Mac!
A bit off topic but here at ReadItDaddy we rely on our trusty (if a little creaky) iMac to allow us to post all the blog posts and goodies we feature. When you can't afford a shiny new computer this christmas, it's always an economical option to look at upgrades.

Being fairly techy, and working in an environment where we know the difference even a fairly modest upgrade can make to a computer's performance, choosing what to give a boost to is vital - Crucial in fact!

When we were invited by Crucial to give their new 'System Scanner' a test drive, we were slightly apprehensive. Would it be able to cope with Apple Macs?

The simple answer is that Crucial do indeed cater for Macs - If you're on a windows machine everything can be taken care of on the Crucial website itself,  but for Mac owners you can download a simple app to allow you to perform the all-important system scan. Neat!

Click on a link, scan your system and Viola! You'll know which RAM is best for your computer.

Once done, you'll be given a set of stats and a unique code that you can use to order brand spanking new RAM for your computer, up to the maximum capacity that the system scanner report states (In my case, I couldn't really squeeze that much into my wheezing old iMac but more is better regardless!)

Crucial have been my go-to for RAM ever since I started building my own systems, mainly because their RAM is guaranteed and I've never had to return a faulty stick (yet! Touch wood!). A few days later, the new RAM arrived for my iMac, and was easily fitted.

The important part for non-techy bods is that the whole process was so simple, even Charlotte could do it (she loves messing around with computers, definitely a chip off the old block!)

To give you some idea of the change this has made to the system, it now boots about 60-80% faster than it did before. Safari loads content-heavy web pages faster, and it's made a truckload of difference when using the apps I most commonly use (Photoshop, Manga Studio 5 etc). So if you're looking for a timely upgrade for your trusty PC or Mac this christmas, choose some RAM and make it Crucial!

(Editor's Note - Crucial provided us with a review opportunity and 2GB of RAM free for the purpose of our article. All views expressed about the service above are our own).

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