Monday, February 3, 2014

Children enjoy brushing up on their word skills with the Ladybird "I'm ready to Spell" app (iPad version tested)

Ladybird's fantastic wordplay app "I'm Ready to Spell" - Building a bridge with words
Charlotte's weekly spelling tests from school just got a little easier - thanks to a new iPhone / iPad app from Ladybird (it's also available for Android tablets and colour Nook tablets too). 

We took the iPad version for a test drive. Ladybird Apps are fantastic quality, and cover a range of subjects from learning to read to trying out phonics. 

In Year 1, Charlotte's weekly spelling tests usually involve us digging out a piece of paper, reading the words to her and letting her write them down. 

Thanks to the games and fun in "I'm ready to Spell" we can enhance the game's already extensive dictionary of words by adding our own. 

Each game features a cool little spacegoing kitty, mixing different word games together like the one pictured above - speed spelling. Children can take things at their own pace or race against the clock to win stars as they play. 

Check out the trailer for the app below. Ladybird "I'm Ready to Spell" costs just £1.49 from the app store.

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