Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Come and see "Rolling Pea" by Kiev Sea Pirates (iPad Version Tested)

Rolling Pea

Developed by
Kiev Sea Pirates

iPad Interactive Story App

We keep saying "We're not going to cover any more apps" which swiftly changes to "Oh go on then, just one more" when we see things like "The Rolling Pea" by Kiev Sea Pirates. Ukranian developers KSP have produced a story app that is so utterly gorgeous to look at, and is so beautifully presented that we couldn't resist its charms.

With a traditional folk-tale feel, "Rolling Pea" tells the story of a brave little boy who grows up with astonishing strength. When a wicked dragon kidnaps his brothers and sister, Rolling Pea sets out on an epic quest to free them and defeat the nefarious scaly beast.

Set out over 30 pages with an absolute TON of interactive elements (KSP tell us that there are over 500 to discover), and with a beautiful professionally produced soundtrack and narrative track, "Rolling Pea" is definitely not your average interactive story. Like most apps we dearly wish this was a print book (the illustrations are truly jaw-dropping) but we had a lot of fun with this, and can't wait to see more from this talented crew.

Find out more information on "Rolling Pea" on the Kiev Sea Pirates website.

Rolling Pea is available on the App Store (iPad Version)

Pinging all the tiny and delicately designed interactive elements in the story, and dodging gigantic mace weapons as they drop from the sky.

Daddy's Favourite bit: Eye-poppingly brilliant illustrations, slick design and some truly lovely music and sound effects. An app that positively screams quality from every pixel.