Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Adventure Island by Timothy Knapman and Sarah Warburton (Scholastic)

My Adventure Island

Written by Timothy Knapman

Illustrated by Sarah Warburton

Published by Scholastic

How many times as a kid did you dream of a world without adults? Your own world, where you could make up your own rules, go to bed when you wanted to, eat what you wanted to when you wanted to. How blissful would it be?

That's the story here in "My Adventure Island" as a young boy imagines what life would be like on his own island. An island where big sisters are banished, where mum and dad have to apply for a visa to visit, and where family pets are all part of the castaway crew.

But would it be that great, really? What happens if you bang your knee and want someone to kiss it better? Or you want someone to read you a bedtime story. Or - heavens forbid - you want your big sister to give you a big soppy hug?

Find out how our young hero copes in "My Adventure Island" - and start planning your summer island holiday now!

Charlotte's best bit: Being able to eat your pudding first, then your dinner!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Rather neat story, great ideas! A tropical island getaway would be just what I need right now!