Monday, 24 February 2014

Hugo the Hare's Rainy Day by Jez Alborough (Red Fox Picture Books)

Hugo the Hare's Rainy Day

Written and Illustrated by
Jez Alborough

Published by Red Fox Picture Books

Jez Alborough has a knack for coming up with brilliant animal characters and stories. His books are lyrical, boldly illustrated and a real treat for a range of ages.

Here we meet Hugo the Hare. Hugo loves life but if there's one thing Hugo really doesn't like, it's rain (probably not a happy hare at the moment then with the sort of weather we've been having!)

Hugo fortunately has a colourful umbrella to keep his cotton-tail dry, but as Hugo heads out for a walk, he soon meets friends along the way who also want to squeeze under his brolly to keep dry.

Poor Hugo! The more friends he tries to keep dry, the more he gets wet himself until someone comes up with a fantastic suggestion! Why dodge the rain when you can really enjoy it by getting splashy and squishy!

A super little book, with really eye-catching illustrations, perfect for the wettest start to the year on record!

Charlotte's best bit: Hugo the Hare's rather fetchingly colourful umbrella!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A great book to read when the weather is dismal, enjoy the rain just like Hugo does (eventually!)

(Kindly sent to us by Random House / Red Fox Picture Books)