Monday, 24 February 2014

The Brave Beast by Chris Judge (Andersen Children's Books)

The Brave Beast

Written and Illustrated by
Chris Judge

Published by Andersen Children's Books

We've spotted this scary beast in apps, but we seem to have missed out on his book adventures - until now! Chris Judge's scary looking creation actually has a heart of gold, and in this adventure tale he must summon all his courage to confront...a noise. The local townsfolk are fleeing in terror as strange, weird, horrible sounds come from the centre of their island. It's up to the beast to parachute in and see what on earth is causing the ruckus and uproar.

For a book that largely features a big monochrome monster, Chris Judge's colourful artwork is gorgeous, and The Beast is the sort of character who we'd love to go to tea with (once we'd got over the shock of how scary he looks!)

Charlotte loves a good monster, and this book has such a neat little twist like all our favourite books do. We look forward to seeing "The Lonely Beast" cropping up in our review schedule real soon.

Charlotte's best bit: The scariest thing on the island turns out to be...(shh, spoilers sweetie, spoilers!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Love that beast, such a cool character!