Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mum and Dad Glue by Kes Gray and Lee Wildish (Hodder Children's Books)

Mum and Dad Glue

Written by Kes Gray

Illustrated by Lee Wildish

Published by Hodder Children's Books

Here's a book I've heard an awful lot about in the past, but until now, haven't actually had the pleasure of reading. Excited squeals from Charlotte as she picked this out of the library stack made me sit up and take notice. "Look at this poor boy, everything's got cracks in it!"

As we read, Charlotte's understanding of the story grew beyond her initial elation to feeling sorry for the boy. "Mum and Dad Glue" tells the story of a boy who is desperately searching for a solution to what's wrong with mum and dad. They don't love each other any more, they argue and fight instead of cuddle and kiss - and the poor lad heads to the local hardware store for a pot of "Mum and Dad Glue" to try and mend what is broken.

In his world, the huge cracks that Charlotte spotted are dotted all over everything. Wise words come from an unexpected source, showing that although mum and dad don't love each other any more - their love for him is not diminished.

A touching and extremely sensitive way of helping children cope with separation / divorce. It's nice to be able to find out what all the fuss is about, and also join others in thoroughly recommending this beautiful little book.

Charlotte's best bit: At the end, after the boy hears some encouraging advice...his world changes.

Daddy's Favourite bit: A touching and sensitive way of helping children overcome divorce / separation anxiety.

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