Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our first "Back of the Book" quote and it's a doozy...

"Troll and the Oliver" by Adam Stower (Templar Publishing)
At the start of the year we said that one of our ambitions would be to get a quote onto the back of a book. We hadn't quite imagined that A) it would happen so quickly and B) it would be a book that we've raved our socks off about. 

As it says, "As monster books go, this is pretty much perfect. The double-pumped payoff is so utterly deliciously satisfying that for a tiny, tiny moment your little one will be agog!"

Thank you so much Templar! This is a true back-of-the-book / back-of-the-net moment and Charlotte was tickled pink when this arrived this morning!

Apologies for the dreadful photo, will upload a better one soon. 

"Troll and the Oliver" by Adam Stower is now out in paperback from Templar Publishing, priced £6.99

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