Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Driftwood Ball by Thomas Docherty (Templar Publishing)

The Driftwood Ball

Written and Illustrated by
Thomas Docherty

Published by Templar Publishing

Poor William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet, his timeless tale of love and loss has been spun, folded and (some might say) mutilated by so many folk for the last few hundred years. The Montagues and Capulets have been reimagined as everything from streetgangs to gnomes but no one thought to do what Thomas Docherty has now so masterfully done. Reimagining the tale of Romeo and Juliet as the tails of George and Celia, Thomas's utterly beautiful "The Driftwood Ball" conveys a glorious message of difference and understanding.

George is a Badger you see. Not just any badger, but part of a tribe of dancing badgers who have very specific views about how one should dance. Celia, however, is a sea otter - and Sea Otters love to dance but not at all like badgers do. Jigging is not for them, they prefer to sashay and shimmy, footloose and fancy free.

The badgers and otters don't really see eye to eye, but Celia and George are different - and on one fabulous night at the sumptuous "Driftwood Ball" Celia and George get the chance to show both badgers and otters how to dance without all those daft rules and regulations.

With perfect timing, this is a book that would slide wonderfully into a valentine's day bookpile with ease. Celia and George are so adorable and irresistible as characters, and Thomas's brilliant illustrations and flowing text are dazzling and charming.

A truly beautiful book conveying a fantastic message. Always dance like no-one's watching!

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte loved Celia to bits, particularly her groovy leaf skirt

Daddy's Favourite bit: We interpreted this as a lovely spin on Romeo and Juliet, with a strong message shouting "vive la difference!"

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)