Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Snagglegrollop by Daniel Postgate and Nick Price (Chicken House Books)

The Snagglegrollop

Written by Daniel Postgate

Illustrated by Nick Price

Published by Chicken House Books

What on EARTH is a Snagglegrollop? You may well ask - and in this fun story from Daniel Postgate and Nick Price, you'll find out. Snagglegrollops, you see, are highly prized as pets so when Sam, a young boy, isn't allowed to have a dog or a cat, he innocently asks whether his doting parents might find houseroom for a Snagglegrollop instead.

They're genuinely surprised when the boy bring one home. It's a rather natty creature with great table manners and none of the usual dog-and-cat aversions to keeping clean.

In fact there's really only one thing better than a Snagglegrollop - as Charlotte found out part-way through the book. Enter the Quibblesnuff, a sassy and rouged-lipped gorgeous creation belonging to Sam's friend Emily.

"She's so beautiful!" - Charlotte, aged 6

You can find out what happens when a Snagglegrollop and a Quibblesnuff meet once you read the story yourself. Fabulous fun splicing together a story dealing with childhood requests for pets or their imaginary friends. Loved Nick's illustrations too, so beautiful and full of cool little snaggle-details!

Charlotte's best bit: The Quibblesnuff

Daddy's Favourite bit: Brilliant fun for tiddlers, beautifully illustrated and told