Friday, 14 February 2014

The Royal Nappy by Nicholas Allan (Red Fox Picture Books)

The Royal Nappy

Written and Illustrated by
Nicholas Allan

Published by Red Fox Picture Books

Nicholas Allan is the master of cheekiness, particularly when his books lovingly poke fun at the Royal Family - but in the best possible taste, of course.

We missed the original release of "The Royal Nappy" but couldn't resist it when we spotted it in the library. Predicting that the new royal would be a boy was pretty canny. In a similar vein to his other slightly cheeky royal book "The Queen's Knickers", here Nicholas Allan delves into the none-too-fragrant subject of the royal baby's nappies.

With a different one for each occasion, and lots of clever emergency gadgets tucked into the folds should any explosive poo accidents happen when foreign dignitaries are having a sleep-over at the palace, it's giggle-worthy stuff - particularly if your child shares Charlotte's sense of humour and finds poos, wees and bums the funniest thing ever.

We're left wondering what Nicholas Allan is going to turn his talents to next. The Queen's Walking Frame? Prince Harry's Hangover? The possibilities are endless!

Charlotte's best bit: A nappy for all occasions!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A royal baby spin on a well-loved theme. Ploptastic!