Monday, 17 February 2014

Dangerous by Tim Warnes (Little Tiger Press)


Written and Illustrated by
Tim Warnes

Published by Little Tiger Press

I work with someone who lives and dies by his labelling machine. I think it comes of watching too many episodes of the 60s version of Batman, where everything was helpfully labelled - from the anti-shark repellent suit to the Bat Computer.

The little mole in "Dangerous" is similarly blessed, he's happy in his own little world, making little labels for everything around him and everything he sees. Until one day a huge green knobbly thing blocks his path. What on earth can you label THAT with?

Mole does his best, and doesn't realise that the huge green knobbly thing is actually a huge green knobbly DANGEROUS thing. It's a crocodile, but is it really dangerous? It sure makes short work of the mole's labels, greedily scoffing them all up and then following mole around for more.

Mole is terrified but perhaps there's one label the Crocodile wouldn't mind wearing that mole hasn't thought of yet.

This book's original premise is fun and wonderfully told - though for read-aloud parents, be prepared to read each and every one of those labels out loud to your child (or better still, do what I did and have Charlotte read them out to you!) A great book for expanding their vocabularies while teaching them about unlikely friendships too!

Charlotte's best bit: Reading all of mole's labels very loudly

Daddy's Favourite bit: A rather cool little idea for a story that helps children learn a brace of new words through Mole's staunch labelling efforts!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)