Thursday 6 March 2014

Buddy and the Bunnies in "Don't Play with your Food" by Bob Shea (Disney Hyperion)

Buddy and the Bunnies in "Don't play with your Food"

Written and Illustrated by
Bob Shea

Published by Disney / Hyperion


Actually I'm not, but what would you do if you were a cute, adorable pink-nosed furry bunny and a raging monster with a huge appetite came running after you with rabbit stew, rabbit canapes and rabbit souffle in mind?

We'd probably have a rabbit-in-the-headlights (har har) moment. In "Don't play with your Food" the bunnies are smarter than that. Buddy (the raging hungry monster) decides to put rabbit at the top of his menu, and encounters the aforementioned adorable (and did we mention cute? Oh we did!) bunnies.

Before he can chow down though, the Bunnies have a better idea. In fact they have several. Before long, Buddy is run ragged and he's far too full, or tired, or absolutely befuddled to even think about scoffing bunnies.

You KNOW we love monster books, you KNOW Charlotte loves bunnies so imagine putting the two together in a book that's an absolute riot of chaos and fun. Bob Shea's fantastic retro-futuristic artwork, crazy comic dialogue and oh so adorable (and did we mention cute? Oh we did already! Sheesh!) bunnies are a fantastic combination. We haven't seen many titles from Disney / Hyperion but we truly loved this, and hope it's just book one in a huge series for Buddy and Bunnies alike. Do not miss!

Charlotte's best bit: Buddy being completely flummoxed when the Bunnies start their own "Stripey Monster Fan Club"

Daddy's Favourite bit: This is brilliant, like a crazed episode of Ren and Stimpy crossed with Monsters Inc. Oh and with the cutest (did we mention cute? ALRIGHT THEY'RE CUTE!) bunnies you'll ever meet in a funny kid's book

(Kindly sent to us for review by Disney / Hyperion)