Thursday, 13 March 2014

Papyrus - The Revenge of Ramses by Lucien Die Gieter (Cinebook)

Papyrus - The Revenge of Ramses

Written and Illustrated by
Lucien Die Gieter

Published by Cinebook

Cinebook produce some of the best children's graphic novels on the planet, translating from a rich seam of brilliant French comics by some of the leading luminaries in the European comics scene.

They have a knack for gathering together fantastic stories and collections that appeal to children Charlotte's age and slightly older.

The "Papyrus" Characters have been well-loved for years by children across the channel, and it's great to be able to introduce these books to Charlotte, who loves anything Egyptian.

Papyrus, the 'companion' (well, slave really) to huffy Egyptian princess Theti Cheri, is the star of a whole series of stories dating back as far as 1974, when Lucien Die Gieter produced the very first Papyrus story. The graphic novel opens with an absolute belter of a scene, with Papyrus lost at sea just as a gigantic Kraken-esque sea monster devours the ship he has stolen passage on.

Papyrus wakes from the dream in turmoil, and cannot convince Princess Theti Cheri or his friend Imhotep that his vision could come true.

Die Gieter's artwork is fabulous, like a cross between Asterix and Tintin. Sumptuous Egyptian locations are worked into the story (like the fabulous palace at Karnak and temple at Abu Simbel) but it's excitement all the way as Papyrus swears to protect Princess Theti Cheri from an insidious plot.

Cinebook publish quite a few volumes of the Papyrus Chronicles, but this is the best place to start. If you're looking for brilliant kid-friendly comics, and you have a would-be Egyptian Princess (or peasant boy) at home, this is an absolute corker.

Charlotte's best bit: Theti Cheri's fabulous hair and clothes, and the awesome temple at Abu Simbel

Daddy's Favourite bit: So good, that I had to keep sneaking off with this while Charlotte was asleep, just so I could read it!