Friday, 14 March 2014

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 14th March 2014 - "Ronny Rock Starring in: Monster Cake Meltdown" by Merryn Threadgould and Bruce Ingman (Walker Books)

Ronny Rock Starring in Monster Cake Meltdown

Written by Merryn Threadgould
Illustrated by Bruce Ingman

Published by Walker Books

The very worst thing about being on a healthy eating kick is that you find yourself suddenly assaulted with gorgeous images of cake wherever you look. When we picked up "Ronny Rock Starring in Monster Cake Meltdown" from the library, we had no idea that we'd fall prey to the very thing that the book mentions in its first few pages. Rivers, nay oceans of drool as we read with mouths watering.

Ronny Rock is the rather cool-sounding hero of a book about a boy and a bakery. Imagine living with your dad in a bakery, knowing that all day every day the shop would be filled with tempting treats, sumptuous desserts and dreamy birthday cakes.

Ronny Rock's life is sweet indeed.

One night Dad opts for a night out at the cinema, and leaves Ronny's best friend (and slightly wonky teenage role model) Kieran to look after Ronny. While larking around in the bakery, the troublesome twosome find something that completely ruins their evening. A missing letter, requesting a birthday cake! Ronny's dad has gone to the cinema, and a monster cake absolutely MUST be delivered on time for the following day! Calamity!

But what can a boy and a teenager do? Can they possibly rise to the challenge of the great babysitting bake-off?

Trust us, you will need something to mop up the dribble as Bruce Ingman's gorgeous illustrations expertly mix with this entertaining story by Merryn Threadgould. All the ingredients are there for a bounteous book of the week. Cast your diet aside, and dive in!

Charlotte's best bit: The Red Racing Car Cake. Vroom Vroom!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fantastically original story, but those illustrations, arrrgh it's enough to make us throw off our diet and nip down to the bakery! CAKE!!!