Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two awesome new chapter books for kids coming from L & B - Maisie Mae and Disaster Diaries

Disaster Diaries - Zombies! by R. McGeddon and Jamie Littler (L & B Kids)
Maisie Mae by Poppy Harper and Clare Elsom (L & B Kids)
Little Brown books for young readers are slowly building up an enviable range of fabulous books for kids and there are a couple of awesome titles on the way. 

First up, on March 27th is a brand new series for ages 8 and up. "Disaster Diaries: Zombies" by R. McGeddon (geddit?) and Jamie Littler was a book that instantly caught Charlotte's eye (sorry but she just loves gruesome icky stuff! Probably my fault!). 

Sam and Arty, two schoolkids are wrapped up in a disastrous escapade thanks to an errant science teacher, and soon find that the school's teachers are infected with a strange virus, turning them into gruesome zombies! They drool, they smell like grandma's armpit, they have a glazed expression and they moan a lot (sounds a lot like me on a monday morning!)

The first of a series that's also going to feature "Aliens" and "Brainwashed", look out for more Disaster Diaries as the year progresses. 

Next up, meet Maisie Mae in "No Boys Allowed!" by Poppy Harper and Clare Elsom which will be arriving on 10th April. Perfect for ages 6 and up, Maisie Mae intends to give Dennis the Menace and Roger the Dodger a run for their money. She's mischievous, loves a prank or two and is as sharp as a tack. 

Join Maisie Mae in her first adventure, as Maisie and her brothers start arguing over who should move into the new attic room mum and dad are decorating. Maisie will stop at nothing to make sure she nabs that room, and it will definitely be "No Boys Allowed" if she does!

With "Maisie Mae: Bad Luck Bridesmaid" and "Maisie Mae: Camping is not very Ooh La La" coming soon, make a new friend with Maisie Mae!

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