Thursday 17 April 2014

Bing and Nero by I.L. Williams and Inci Alper (Northern Phoenix Books)

Bing and Nero

Written by I.L. Williams

Illustrated by Inci Alper

Published by Northern Phoenix Books

Charlotte loves Robots. Charlotte has the sort of love for Robots that gladdens this geek-dad's heart and though I'll readily acknowledge that I probably have a lot to do with this robotic obsession, it's quite cool to have a 6 year old daughter who can instantly recognise R2D2, C3PO and even Bender from Futurama.

So we're always on the hunt for books about robots, and here's one that cropped up and instantly caught our eye. "Bing and Nero" is the heartwarming story of a boy called Bing who longs for a special friend. He has a cat, but cats are hardly the best playmates around when you're bored. Bing would like a dog, or maybe even to just have a friend over from time to time - but Bing doesn't make friends easily.

He has a fantastic idea though. Looking around his room, Bing comes up with a plan. He WILL make a friend - literally!

And thus Nero is "born", expertly constructed from scavenged materials, Bing soon creates a very special friend indeed - a huge robot called Nero.

Dogs are cool but imagine all the things that a robot can do. Can dogs make popcorn in their tummies? Naw of course they can't! Can dogs jet through the landscape on a pair of rocket powered legs? No way! Bing absolutely loves his new found friend.

There's lots more to explore, and a ton of robotic fun to be had if you stop by and check out the further adventures of a boy and his awesome robot!

Also don't miss the rather cool book trailer below!

Charlotte's best bit: Popcorn time! Now that's a cool super-power to have!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fab story, with bold colourful illustrations and a nice read for children just starting out reading on their own.

(Kindly sent for review by I.L. Williams)