Thursday, 17 April 2014

Charlie Dog by Sue Pavey and Eleni Demetriou (Red Heart Books)

Charlie Dog

Written by Sue Pavey

Illustrated by Eleni Demetriou

Published by Red Heart Books

We're squeezing in a review of a rather groovy book for younger children. Author Sue Pavey has come up trumps with this charming tale of a cheeky Westie called Charlie Dog.

Designed for children just learning to read, with easy flowing rhymes and big bold illustrations by Eleni Demetriou, Charlie Dog is sure to find his way into your hearts. But what does a Westie get up to in an ordinary average day? As you read the tale you'll find out that Charlie (like most dogs) loves playing, loves eating but best of all loves turning that lovely white coat a darker shade with the aid of some cooling soothing mud!

You can check out Sue's brilliant story, and her other books on the Red Heart Books website, and pick up a copy of Charlie Dog.

Charlotte's best bit: Charlie Dog doing what dogs do best - getting very muddy indeed

Daddy's Favourite bit: Fab, cute and cuddly, that's Charlie Dog

(Kindly sent to us for review in digital form by Sue Pavey / Red Heart Books)