Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hudson Hates School by Ella Hudson (Francis Lincoln Children's Books)

Hudson Hates School

Written and Illustrated by
Ella Hudson

Published by Francis Lincoln Children's Books

We've been on the look-out for books that deal with difficulties at school. From time to time, Charlotte gets very teary-eyed in the morning and although she absolutely loves school, we're completely at a loss to figure out why some mornings are more difficult than others.

In our library trawl, we found this book - and although it doesn't deal with Charlotte's problem (which is that she gets quite homesick, and after a weekend - or a school holiday - where she's been with us or her grandparents, she can get quite nervous and agitated when it's time to settle down for a new school day) it does deal with a hugely important problem some children may face. Dyslexia can often go undiagnosed, and it's extremely difficult to find advice or books that tackle this tricky and sensitive issue.

Ella Hudson's "Hudson Hates School" stars a young boy who really, truly hates school. He isn't very good at tests, but in most other subjects he is fantastic. It takes an observant teacher to get to the root of the problem and soon Hudson receives special care and attention, and finds new ways to make learning more fun.

Ella's story is beautifully written and illustrated, and Hudson is a character that girls and boys can readily identify with. This is hugely important as there will undoubtedly be children they'll encounter in life and at school that will have dyslexia (Charlotte's uncle and auntie have it, and this book has helped us explain Dyslexia to her in terms she can easily understand).

Charlotte's best bit: Learning about Hudson's brain and how he sees and deals with things differently

Daddy's Favourite bit: Really excellent story and it's great to know that there are books like this out there, that deal with a tricky and sensitive subject so expertly.