Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No More Kisses for Bernard by Niki Daly (Francis Lincoln Children's Books)

No More Kisses for Bernard

Written and Illustrated by
Niki Daly

Published by Francis Lincoln Children's Books

When you're little, there are those times when you're visiting relatives (or they're visiting you) and you just know that three things are going to happen

1) You're going to get your cute little chubby cheeks tweaked

2) You're going to get your hair tousled or stroked (I no longer have this problem but poor Charlotte does)

3) You're going to be on the receiving end of a big, sloppy, smoochy, lipsticky wet kiss! YUCK!!

It's an occupational hazard for a kid, and we absolutely loved Niki Daly's hilarious story about Bernard and his over-affectionate aunts. They cannot resist Bernard because he's so cute and adorable, but Bernard really could do without all the gross attention.

On Bernard's birthday things come to a head, and then the final straw - Bernard puts his foot down and boldly proclaims "NO MORE KISSES!"

His aunts are upset, and one really doesn't take Bernard seriously. There's upset and wailing, but Bernard is determined to stick to his guns.

Or is he? We'll see!

This story is fun and entertaining, and it's made me think twice about giving Charlotte a big soppy wet (and probably quite stubbly) kiss on the cheek as I'm tucking her up at bedtime. Maybe just a tiny one. (peck).

Charlotte's best bit: Bernard's aunties are lovely really, but even Charlotte drew the line at one with her triple-thick lipstick! Eeek!

Daddy's Favourite bit: This book brought back harrowing memories of being made to kiss (toothless) gransch, who chainsmoked and had a wispy tickly beard. AIIEEE!

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