Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Puss Jekyll, Cat Hyde by Joyce Dunbar (Francis Lincoln Children's Books)

Puss Jekyll, Cat Hyde

Written and Illustrated by
Joyce Dunbar

Published by Francis Lincoln Children's Books

Have you ever wondered what goes through your moggy's mind on a daily basis? An obsession with sleep, the sound of the tin opener, perhaps even scurrying mice gnawing and nibbling in the night?

Joyce Dunbar's fascinating light and dark look at feline behaviour in Puss Jekyll, Cat Hyde deliciously shows the contrasts in cat behaviour with every turn of the page. On one hand you have Puss Jekyll who curls up, purring in your lap and nuzzles for a cuddle. On the other hand you have the fearless semi-wild stalker of rodents and birds, who brings in lovely presents from the garden for your delectation.

Charlotte read this out to me with glee and delight. Joyce Dunbar's writing style is poetic, sometimes dreamy and yet when we're examining puss's dark behaviour, it's quite terrifying and menacing too! Eek!

All in all it perfectly encapsulates the dual personality that cat owners know their pets possess. Wonderful.

Charlotte's best bit: Cat stalking a poor little unsuspecting vole. I bet you can guess what happens next!

Daddy's Favourite bit: This is excellent fun to read aloud, shifting from a lilting poetic and dreamy style to a stark, jarring dark style as you make your way through the book and encounter the many facets of feline behaviour.

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