Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday Part 2: The Lonely Crow by Paul Stillabower (Book Guild)

The Lonely Crow

Written and Illustrated by
Paul Stillabower

Published by Book Guild

This indie-published title popped through our letterbox unannounced and though we usually get a bit grumpy about unsolicited books, we couldn't really be grumpy about "The Lonely Crow" by Paul Stillabower.

Ex-banker Paul has turned his talents to writing a rather touching and heartwarming story about a crow looking for somewhere safe to roost for the night. His wings are tired, his legs are old, and he just wants to find that warm snuggly spot to get a few hours sleep before the first rays of morning appear.

It's not as easy as it sounds, finding somewhere to sleep in the sprawling metropolis but flying over Regents Park, the lonely crow spies a nest.

Unfortunately a rather rude (and quite menacing) owl is already there, and does not take kindly to a crow crashing in on his pad.

Poor crow is forced to look elsewhere. Surely there'll be somewhere safe to sleep at London Zoo?

Wild animals convince the lonely crow otherwise, and it really does look like the poor feathered friend is going to collapse from exhaustion before he finds a comfy place. But there's one more option. Could this be the perfect snoozing spot? But just then, a dark shape hovers overhead...

This is a brilliant and accomplished piece of writing, and Paul's 'Disney-esque' artwork hits the spot nicely too. Charlotte loved the gentle rhymes and felt so sorry for the crow, but loved the way the book ends on a rather cosy note (we won't give away the ending, naturally!)

Charlotte's best bit: A lovely heartwarming end - which we'll keep quiet about, go read it and find out what happens!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Really nicely written, great illustrations, an indie treat!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Book Guild)