Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ways Into History - The Great Fire of London by Sally Hewitt (Frankin Watts)

Ways into History - The Great Fire of London

Written by Sally Hewitt

Published by Franklin Watts

We read so many news items, and hear so many book folk complaining that there aren't enough engaging non-fiction books around for children of a certain age. It is extremely difficult to find history books that don't dilly-dally down the path of presenting history in the "Horrible Histories" style, where often the fine details are lost under a barrage of fart and poo jokes. It's also difficult to find history books that can engage a child's curiosity and thirst for knowledge while keeping them entertained at the same time.

We've borrowed quite a few books in the Franklin Watts range from our local library, and we've always found them really fantastic whatever the subject.

With Charlotte's current new 'hero' being Samuel Pepys (a fact she proudly presented to her teacher this week - proud dad moment) she grabbed this book about The Great Fire of London in our library trawl.

Sally Hewitt has gathered together a huge collection of resources, and performed the minor miracle of squeezing them into a book. Following on from our excellent experience reading all about the plague, we thought we'd better find out what happened when fire broke out in Pudding Lane in 1666, and quickly spread throughout the city.

Miraculously only 6 people died in the fire, but the loss of property and personal belongings was colossal, and many folk were forced to escape on the stinking River Thames as fire spread.

We thoroughly recommend the Franklin Watts range, they're not too 'Schooly' and this is a particularly brilliant example of what they do.

Charlotte's best bit: Learning all about how Londoners fought the fire with hand pumps and huge heavy leather buckets. Quite a contrast to what we'd use today to fight fires.

Daddy's Favourite bit: Another superb quality title from Franklin Watts